Hello and welcome to the personal portfolio and blog site of Martin Hastings, full time graphic artist, web designer, game graphics artist and co-founder of Horizon Studios, Creative Ink and Galoop as well as being the name behind the success of a number of smaller companies along the way.

Although I first started working on this site back at the end of 2010, due to major changes to my life and work over the last two years I haven’t really had the time to populate it as I wanted, but having made lots of significant changes to my life leading up to the end of 2012 I’m more hopeful that 2013 will finally be the year where I can start putting my time, effort and creativity into my various business ventures as well as populating this site.

For many years I concentrated on client’s work whilst putting the bare minimum of effort into my own sites, mostly just to let people know that my company existed, but quite often I would create something that didn’t fall into anything generally covered by my company at the time so I eventually decided that it was about time to make use of my own personal “domain” name to make a portfolio site that I could use to show off whatever I wanted and to write about whatever I wanted.

So as time goes on you should start to see various examples of my work from various game projects, websites, DVDs, promotions, conceptual art or the occasional doodle (I haven’t doodled for years and I’m having a great time doing it now) so feel free to bookmark this site and pop in regularly to see what’s new.

Eventually I’ll get round to changing the footer too!

So what is with the footer you may ask? Yes, the top portion of the site is a random selection of some of my old artwork and as I start to create new things I’m proud of then I’ll no doubt create new backgrounds from them, but why does the footer depict bland cola boxes and a few pallets?

Well, that is part of a game project that I was working on at the time and was going to form an animated footer, once I got round to finishing it off.

In the meantime, Horizon Studios decided that the cute alien creatures that were the main characters in a game we were working on needed a bit of history, an explanation as to how they came to be on Earth in the first place, so we put that game on hold to create a prequel, and so the footer of this site changed from being the animated advert / footer it was intended to be and instead just became a strange conversation piece. I’ll tweak it one day. Either that or replace it fully, we’ll see….

Watch this space!