About Me

As a teenager I had many interests common to teenagers, a love of computer games and loud music, but I also liked art and drawing, especially 3D graphics I saw on TV show title sequences so at school it was obvious that one of my favourite lessons was technical drawing, a lesson in which I could sit and plan objects out using three elevations and a rudimentary isometric view.

After leaving school in 1987 my dream was to start my own computer games company, but as the internet wasn’t the thing it is today and games companies weren’t so widespread I ended up becoming a business applications programmer, but after a few years I quickly realised that graphic design gave me more creative freedom to play with the skills I’d acquired as a child and an early teenager.

Over the years I climbed various ladders, moving from company to company and expanding my knowledge of various working practices within the industry, more commonly being promoted to assistant or studio manager of the various art departments I came across before I eventually decided that the managerial roles that I was finding myself being placed into were stifling my ability to be creative as a designer, as well as being presented with design briefs that had already been limited by the way in which the concept had been ‘sold’ to the client before it got to a designer.

In 2004 I decided to leave my employer of 10 years to start on my own, with the aim to taking the skills I’d acquired over the years not just to print and paper, but also to cater for web design, video editing and DVD production.

Broadening Horizons was formed in April 2004 and the business was going well until the April of 2006 when vandals started a fire at the back of the office that unfortunately got into the roof and devastated my business along with four others, putting my two employees out of work and forcing me to relocate the operation back home until the offices were rebuilt. Mere days after this upset my third child was born and after a somewhat hectic few months in October 2006 I returned in some capacity to my office to start over and during the months that followed, did my best to make the best of the previously devastating situation.

At the same time I decided to start branching out further, creating Imaginative Ink to take my designs onto other mediums including t-shirts, mousemats, mugs and coasters. As time moved on I also brought digital print in house to cater for short run clients and although this was working well in many cases it often took over a lot of my time, something I made somewhat harder when later in 2009 I returned to the gaming scene I’d left in 1987, teaming up with games designer Kevin Tapping, developer Mike Connell and audio engineer Justin French to create Horizon Studios.

To date 95% of the work I’ve done since I became self employed has been through word of mouth, but unfortunately because of this there have been many occasions where the work that came through the door wasn’t what I really wanted, so this site especially will become somewhere for me to throw in various designs and pieces of artwork that I like.

Having worked behind the scenes for many other companies to produce award winning work under their name I feel it’s time that I make a name for myself in areas of graphic, web and games design.