Posted by Martin on 22nd November 2011

Achievement unlocked

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve been on here to write anything, but all of those who know me personally know that I’ve been through a lot of life changing events this past year, with many things still needing to be finished off and I guess put to bed once and for all, but at last I’m starting to see a brighter future.

So while my gorgeous fiancée battles through the single player campaign on COD MW3 and my son sits tapping away on my mac mini doing his homework, I thought I’d once again put fingers to iPad and write a blog post.

Mainly because I’m quite happily buzzing from the fact that after months of hard work, today was a milestone for horizon studios as I finally took Mike’s build of our current iOS game Purgatory and created a working iOS test build.

It’s also been a long time coming but it was a serious achievement to be able to finally deploy and test a game we’ve collaborated on, not only on my 3GS, my 4S and my iPad 2, but also to drop a copy of the app into dropbox so that Kevin, Mike and Justin could also test it on their devices.

Finally we’re at a stage where we can build games for mobile devices and soon will be able to upload them to the app store.

It feels strange to have worked with the team for so long with an aim to building for iOS devices, but using engines that were pretty much PC only, so it will be really cool to start taking some of our older projects, our PC demos of forthcoming iPhone games and start to redevelop them in the knowledge that we’ve finally got a working system for building iOS apps.

It’s also weird to compare where I was emotionally and mentally this time last year to where I am now, and if it wasn’t for my wonderful fiancée then I know I wouldn’t be where I am now. As I said at the start of this post I still have a lot to sort out from my old life up north, but her belief in me and my ability, as well as her support for me and her brother Kevin with Horizon Studios, has pushed me to start building new assets for our game and I’m pleased to say that every day that I’m messing around creating things, I’m starting to improve in modelling, texturing and animating.

Seeing how my assets appear on the iPhone and iPad highlights different areas I can tweak and improve on so I’m looking forward to constantly pushing myself to improve what I’m coming up with so that when our first proper in house project is released, it will look highly polished.

I also find it quite amusing that having handed over one of our previous projects to “industry professionals”, on launch day there were so many obvious design and coding flaws that should have been spotted and rectified before release, things that I as a “noob” as it were spotted and yet went unnoticed by the professionals to a degree that made us wince with disappointment.

Hopefully these will be mistakes we won’t be making with our releases, not just in the way the games themselves look and perform, but also in their pricing and marketing (just hope that with the latter said, we’ll be able to make some money with them).

I think the next thing I’ll have to start doing will be developer diaries and a support website for our forthcoming titles, followed by a trailer and more work on the front end and interface.

All exciting times ahead.