Posted by Martin on 6th January 2013

and we’re back in the game

To say it’s been a productive weekend is definitely something of an understatement and without doubt one of great achievement.

Since Friday night Mike has been tweaking actions and effects for the latest boss battle on Purgatory and after extensive hair loss today I finally managed to get my PC and Mac talking to each other to the point of getting a playable version of Galoop onto our various iOS devices.

To say the team were delighted is an understatement, it has after all been almost three years since we first started working on the game, initially designing and released Galoop as a PC demo while we fathomed out how to get it running on our iPhones.

What was even more surprising was that the graphics looked crisp, clear and it ran really smooth on the iPhone 4S, but the actual graphics were created for the 3GS, so they’re half the resolution capacity of the 4S, meaning that I can put a lot more work into making the graphics look even better than they already are.

So with some graphic design work already in progress for the start of next week and work to be done on Galoop, I can see this coming week being a really productive one.