Posted by Martin on 17th January 2013

High Definition

When Horizon Studios as a team first decided to start working on Galoop for the iPhone and other iOS devices, we were limited to a couple of old iPhone 3GS’ and an array of iPods of various generations.

Given the limitations that we had in screen resolution and the fact that at the time of developing we had no guarantee that the game would be published after all our hard work, now that we’re self publishing and iOS devices have come along in somewhat leaps and bounds, it was great to revisit something from over 2 year ago and start replacing all the low resolution 480 x 320 pixel graphics to 960 x 640 pixels, enabling us to show off more detail and in some cases add more to make use of the newer Retina Displays.

The best thing about this week though is that since Sunday I’ve been pretty much tweaking, amending and adding to the graphical style of Galoop and coming up with different ways now that we can really start to get this game polished off.

Happy days indeed.