Posted by Martin on 24th December 2010

Out of the box Minotaur

For some time now I’ve wanted to get back into box modelling and one of the things I haven’t pasted up on my recent list of portfolio work has been a character.

Train2Game have recently had a thread running for Greek Mythological Creatures but while many of the posts that were made centred around starting and finishing a model in either Z-Brush or Mudbox, to me that was totally wrong.

Considering that the artist and animator course is mainly aimed at working on game ready models, not one piece of “work in progress” that I saw on there were usable as a game character, so I decided to post up my WIP, my starting block as it were….

Yup. This is him, this is my Minotaur as he began life.

In all honesty he came together quite nicely, but there are a lot of relatively nasty polygons in there that I need to go around and clean up, especially around the facial features, but a quick edit of that, taking out some offending loops and straightening up some vertices should see that come back to something cleaner that I’m happy with in terms of topology and ready to be unwrapped, textured, rigged, skinned and animated.

It’s an interesting one as I’ve done many walk cycles in the past, as well as general characters running around, but I can’t say I’ve done something¬† of such magnitude as it were.

The character itself is based on a high polygon art piece created by Glen Southern, although he went from start to finish in extremely high sub divided detail for a static image rather than a game character, so my aim was to draw inspiration from his character, but turn it into something that could be animated, and as such, as I mentioned, I’ve never animated something of such magnitude in terms of the physical size and characteristics of the model.

The first thing that struck me even before I’ve finished modelling this character is that for all he’s only currently 2096 polygons (of which I’m aiming for roughly 3000 for the finished character, before seeing how low I can get him back down once I’ve done a high poly normal map) he is of physically huge proportions. He has a large bulky, somewhat overweight body mass and having previously rigged characters with slight hair movement or a bouncing chest on a female character, due to the size of his belly that would be a perfect section of body to add extra animation to, so as a girl’s chest would bounce up and down as she walked or ran, so would this character’s belly, so all in all I’m quite looking forward to getting this character finished off and animated.

I’ll post an update on this one once I get back to working on it.