Posted by Martin on 23rd December 2010

Pallets to Spare

Continuing with my modelling and unwrapping things I’ve previously done before, having looked at my previous post on the bus stop, reaching the bottom I looked at the footer of this site and thought “why don’t I re-model some of these items?”

Thus started an enjoyable little jaunt to create the pallets found at the bottom of this page.

After creating the basic shape of the feet and legs by creating a long strip, connecting it and extruding the 3 columns from the base then deleting the top “hidden” polys (hence the odd number of polygons) I added the top main board and went about unwrapping it.

One of the great things about objects like this is that for all there is a lot of separate polys initially to stitch, because they all share the same properties, once you’ve stitched them you can overlay them one on top of the other and use the same texture.

To be honest, having completed this I looked at the construction and figured a better way in which I could have wrapped the supports especially so as to give them each their own properties, but for the purpose of the basic exercise I think it works well and close up has a fairly detailed normal bump map to give it that texture.

It also occurred to me that the there should have been an extra set of planks on top of the legs to add support to the boards themselves.

I think I’ll work on one next with separate spaced planks on the top rather than just the appearance of a number of planks nailed together.

No sooner said then done….

This one was a lot easier than the first one for two reasons. First of all, I realised the mistake from the previous one in terms of the UVW stitching, secondly, not only was it merely a series of box primatives spaced out and grouped together with the original leg pieces, but I didn’t specifically need to create a new texture for it, instead just using the same texture from the previous pallet. Obviously it’s doubled the size of the poly count but all in all I think it works well.