Posted by Martin on 23rd December 2010

Roll out the Barrel

One of the first objects I tried unwrapping and applying a map to in 3ds Max was a traditional wooden barrel. I was tempted to go with the same again, but I thought, why do the same again. So I decided to opt for an industrial barrel, and having previously used a rusted metal texture on the filing cabinet, I contemplated what else I could do.

So out came the grunge brushes and on went the paint. The aim was the look of waste industrial paint barrels, which probably would have been that little better if I’d put labels on them. I might do that at a later date.

I had considered creating a high poly mesh to create the rings on the barrel, but I decided to play with normal maps in Photoshop and although not perfect, I at least managed to bump a couple of ridges out of a flat surface.

I definitely think this is one to be continued, modified, worked on and improved upon, but all in all it was a fun little exercise.