Posted by Martin on 22nd December 2010

Waiting for a bus

Some time ago I created a bus stop scenery element for a project I was working on and although functional at the time, it was without doubt, NOT my best work and for some strange reason, considering it had less detail than the one pictured above, also had a higher poly count. Not quite sure where I went wrong there.

Still, I adapted it somewhat and although I’ve indicated that it took 45 minutes to knock up the low poly model, I was somewhat sidetracked by MSN and Skype at the time so there’s a high probability that it only took about 30 minutes to model.

The filing cabinet I created previously was simply normal mapped using PhotoShop and one of the channels from the diffuse map with a few alterations, this model I intend to add extra detail using a high poly model and mapping that to the low poly model, then adding some texture to it.