Posted by Martin on 11th July 2010

Galoop: Thirst Contact

Based on a bizarre bedtime story Horizon Studio’s lead designer Kevin Tapping came up with one evening to get the kids to bed, Horizon Studio’s are currently working on a trilogy of games based on the colourful characters and the people and events of Kevin’s story.

The first game, Galoop: Thirst Contact is a fun sliding puzzle game which sees our intrepid heroes on a rescue mission to earth in order to recover the much sought after Cola drink to help revive their dying planet after a vicious attack from the slurpers, an evil race of aliens armed to the teeth with bendy straws!

A simple but fun game for all ages which will initially be available to play via web player and downloadable for the PC, but hopefully in the future we will be expanding this and the follow ups to other platforms including iPhone, Android and currently a slim possibly of consoles, but we’ll see how that goes as we progress.